Ashburton Storytelling project

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Blog, Community Projects, Film-Making Workshops

Back in 2020, I was invited to present some online digital storytelling workshops as part of the Ashburton Storytelling project at the Craig Family Centre, Melbourne.

The project however was postponed until 2022, and it meant that I could provide the training in person. Although online training has its benefits, I much prefer the interactions, and energy, you get from a face-to-face workshop.

It was the first face-to-face workshop I had run in over three years, thanks to the pandemic, and I was quite nervous. But as soon as I met all the participants in the workshop I relaxed. What an awesome bunch of people.  

Ashburton Workshop

Workshop activity: Conducting an interview using an iPhone with exteranl microphone connected. 

Workshop activity: Finding a natural light source. Participants find the brightest and most natural light sourse in the room to set-up their interviews.

The workshops were run over two Fridays/Saturdays. In the first workshop participants learnt all about how to create films on their devices (phones, tablets), and in the second they learnt editing using the iMovie app that comes with Apple products (iPhone/iPad).

The goal of the Ashburton Storytelling project was to gather the stories of seniors in the community to create a legacy for future generations.

The project matched up budding filmmakers with seniors in the Ashburton area. 

There was a mix of filmmaking experience amongst the group; some had made films before, and some were practicing their skills for the first time.

 The project was pulled together and coordinated by the multi-talented Mary Heath. Mary did an amazing job of offering support and keeping everyone on track.

 It was quite remarkable – considering the time, expertise, and effort it takes to make a film – that ten films were created. The stories were marvelous. Ashburton certainly has some extraordinary seniors!

 Amongst the stories was an Antarctic explorer, an Order of Australia recipient, and a Womens’ Rights Activist. 

The stories came together beautifully as a collection and as a celebration of the wonderful people living in the Ashburton area.      

 The series of short films will be screened at the 2022 Ashburton Film Festival.