Artists in Schools Project: Mortlake Shines

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Artists in Schools project: Mortlake Shines (April-June 2013)

My first project post-ABC Open is ‘Mortlake Shines’, a film-making project with Grade 5/6 students at St.Colman’s Primary School in Mortlake, south west Victoria. We were successful in applying for  Artists in Schools funding and now we are three weeks in to the project. Students are learning how to make mini-documentaries using their IPads as cameras and editing devices. We have put together a blog on, where you can monitor our progress.

So far, the students have collaborated to film the Mortlake Anzac parade and interview some of the RSL members who marched on the day. They also created some neat Time-lapse films around Mortlake.

Once the students have gained adequate skills in filming and interviewing on their IPads they will go out and make their own mini-documentary on a topis of their choice but one that is relevant to Mortlake.

At the end of the ten-week project the students will be inviting the community to a public screening of their films.

Read all about it here

…and watch the films here