Free film-making workshops in Peterborough

by | Aug 29, 2014 | Blog, Community, Film-Making Workshops

So, if you’re keen to learn a thing or two about film-making, you might be interested in getting involved in the Snapshots Collaborative Film Project. The project is taking place right now in Peterborough. Part of the project is teaching you the skills to use your camera device (smartphone/iPad/DSLR/GoPro/UAV) like a Pro so that you can go out and capture some beautiful imagery of Peterborough and share it in a collaborative community film. Want to know more? Read it here.


The next lot of workshops are coming up in September. But you don’t need to come along to a workshop to be involved, you can film independently if you like and then contact me with your footage so that I edit it into the Snapshots Film.

Here is the timeline for the project:

  • July- Oct: Free film workshops and independent filming
  • November: Collecting all the footage via USB and online file sharing
  • December: Music Composition and Editing
  • January: Film Presentation Screening
Snapshots Poster: Workshop Series 2
Snapshots Poster: Workshop Series 2