Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Blog, Community, Indigenous

I have wanted to visit Lake Condah in south west Victoria for quite a few years now and this year I had the chance to both film it and learn about the landscape first-hand from Ben Church, Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project Field Officer.

Ben Church, Micko Bell (Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project Admin) and Lenny Cooper (Glenelg Hopkins CMA Indigenous Community Coordinator) are three local men that were interviewed for the Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project video. This video explores the importance of the literature review to the Gunditjmara people and the Project Team. The aim of the video is to show funding organisations and the community the success and importance of their project.

The Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project has compiled a literature of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK). This information has been used to produce a range of publications including a “Field Guide to Cultural Features on the Budj Bim Landscape” and “Plants on Budj Bim” which can be downloaded from the Gunditj Mirring Website,

After I completed this project, I was asked if I could give some video training to the Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project team. We did a two-day intensive using video production equipment belong to the team. Ben and Micko are currently making a documentary about the Kooyang, I cannot wait to see it!