Harvey Shares the Stoke

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Community Projects, People, Sport

Harvey is 11 year old wheelie from Warrnambool, Victoria. Like most boys he is full of froth and passionate about sport. Harvey is actively involved in a range of sports but his love of heart pumping adrenaline stirring adventure sports has seen him evolve into a full- on grom and serious shredder. Surfing and skating are part of the daily ritual of life for Harvey. The freedom of soaring across a wave with his brother, adaptive style or the thrill of mastering a new drop down at the skate park with his mates are what gives Harvey his STOKE and anyone who’s got a bit of stoke knows you got to share it.Song title: Evolution – Instrumental Tom Richardson

Filmed and Edited by Kylie Thulborn and Colleen Hughson

Produced by ABC Open Producer Colleen Hughson