Inside The Foyer

by | Mar 13, 2016 | Blog, Community, Community Projects

What is The Foyer? Is it a drug rehabilitation centre? Is it a women’s crisis refuge? Is it a place for ‘really naughty kids’?

These are some of the questions floating around in the community and the reason why the young residents of The Foyer decided to make a film to educate the community. They were sick of people having the wrong idea about them and where they live.

The ‘well-being’ group formed by Foyer residents decided creating a film might be the best way to get their message across. And so, I was invited to work alongside young residents of The Foyer in Warrnambool to create a short documentary about their home. We called the film ‘Inside The Foyer’ because the film invites viewers to take a look inside and see for themselves what The Foyer is. It does this by physically showing viewers the inside of the building and by introducing viewers to some of the residents who live there (they’re not so scary afterall).

I mentored a handful of residents and staff through the process of filming and editing the film. The residents, with support from staff, independently filmed all the overlay footage predominantly on their camera phones.

The film was launched in November 2015 at a public screening at Brophy and Family Youth Services. The young residents believe the film has served its purpose and has had a positive impact in dis-spelling some of misguided beliefs.

What is The Foyer?

The Foyer is run by Brophy and Family Youth Services. It is supported independent living accommodation for young people aged between 16-25 who can live there for up to 2 years. The residents receive support to develop their independent living skills and focus on their education and employment pathways. The young people at the Foyer are responsible for managing their own self-contained units and the project is supported by staff 24/7. The Foyer’s motto is “Live, Learn and Earn” and to be eligible for a tenancy you must be experiencing housing difficulties and be motivated to study or work.