Pete: The Whale Tracker

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Blog, People

Winter in Warrnambool meant Whales. What started out as a My Crazy Passion story on Whale Tracker Peter Read ended up with me spending days upon days filming Southern Right Whales at Logan’s Beach.

Peter Read is passionate about Southern Right Whales. Southern Right Cows visit Warrnambool each winter to have their baby calves. The mothers spend 2-3 months developing their baby’s swimming skills and building their strength until they are ready to undertake their annual migration of up to 5000 KM to Antarctica. For ten years running, Pete has spent his whole winter (up to 300 hours a season), watching and tracking the movements and behaviours of whales at Logans Beach, Warrnmabool. Over time, he has built up a remarkable knowledge of the Southern Right Whale species which he shares in this documentary.

I ended up with a beautiful 15 minute documentary on Pete and his beloved whales which was screened on Saturday November 2nd at the Portland Upwelling Festival. What I shall do with my doco’ now I am not entirely sure, I have some research to do on nature programs. Here is my 5min version of Pete: Whale Tracker. Enjoy