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Colleen has been rolling on a skateboard for close to 17 years now.

It was natural that she would document this passion of hers on camera.

Back in 1998-2003, Colleen teamed up with Ty Peterson and Lance Balchin to film skater profiles in Melbourne for their Local Vision Show, Grind TV and FS/BS.

In 2001, Colleen created Chicks with Decks, a short skateboarding flick on five girls that skate in Melbourne. 

Chicks with Decks Skateboard Documentary screened at MI FEST Launch, ACMI 2003, REAL: Life on Film Documentary Festival 2002, Prophesee Skateboard and Hip Hop Film Festival 2001

From Chicks with Decks, she went to work as Cinematographer & Field Director for AKA:Girl Skater


A.K.A Girl Skater Skateboard Documentary screened on The Chilli Factor Channel 10, at LA Fashion Show (Downtown LA), Gallaz Brand Launch Party (Sydney), Gallaz Fashion Party (New York) and Globe World Cup (Melbourne)

Fast-forward to 2012, Colleen had the opportunity once again to work on some skateboarding flicks. Not that she didn’t keep filming skating in between, its just that most of the skating she filmed ended up on youtube and facebook, rather than being produced into a film.

As part of her role as ABC Open Producer in Warrnambool, she produced a few mini-documentaries with local skaters as part ABC Open’s 110% Project. Colleen mentored Billy and Jesse Abrahams to make Billy and Jesse.Skateboarding.Warrnambool. Their short film has screened on News24 (ABC Television) a number of times and the boys are now sponsored skaters and still skating with the same passion and competitiveness as when this film was made.

Billy and Jesse. Skateboarding. Warrnambool from Billy and Jesse Abrahams on Vimeo.

Colleen followed up their project with an interview with their mum Cilla who has a pivotal role in their success. She drives them to all their skate competitions, and films them too!

Skate mum gives 110% to her boys from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo.

Colleen continued to hang out at the skate parks, skateboarding with her husband Luke Foster and son Fred. And this is where she spotted Harvey McCorkell and through him, was introduced to Chair Skating. In her role as ABC Open Producer, Colleen collaborated with Harvey and his mum Kylie Thulborn to create Harvey Shares The Stoke. Read about Harvey and Kylie on ABC Open. Colleen also followed up this project with an interview with his mum Kylie, the driving force behind the Share The Stoke movement (A movement that provides opportunities for people in wheel chairs to experience ‘extreme’ sports, such as chair skating and adaptive surfing)

Harvey shares the ‘Stoke’ from Harvey McCorkell on Vimeo.

P is for Participation from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo.

As recently as March 2014, Colleen caught up with Kylie Thulborn, Christiaan ‘Otter’ Bailey and crew at a ‘Share the Stoke’ Chair Skating Event in Melbourne. The event was about introducing new people to ‘Chair Skating’ and ‘having a go’. Colleen caught some of the action and edited this short video ‘Hardcore Sitting in Melbourne’

Hardcore-Sitting in Melbourne from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.