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by | Jun 22, 2017 | Blog, Community

If you take look at the Australian national education and employment statistics for people on the Autism Spectrum you’d be pretty horrified, they are very low. Whats worse is they don’t have to be this way at all, there is plenty that can be done to change them. Why not aim towards statistics that as a community we can be proud of?

As a society we need to do a lot more to understand and support people on the Autism Spectrum. Our schools need to change and our workplaces need to change in order to embrace people on the spectrum. Our society has a lot to gain by accepting, valueing and encouraging people in autism spectrum.

The I Can Network is changing attitudes about people on the Autism Spectrum Disorder through the power of story. A big part of the I Can Network mentoring program is to encourage young, shy kids on the spectrum to stand up and deliver public speeches. It is no doubt a huge leap for these young people, who are generally not confident in social situations. Hearing their personal stories is a very powerful thing and leaves one both empathetic and hopeful.
Founded by Chris Varney, the I Can Network movement is still in its early stages but is fast growing to be Australia’s No.1 Autism support network. It provides education and employment growth and opportunities. And just as importantly it instills confidence in its participants and hope for the future.

This video explains what the I Can South West is, how it came to South West Victoria, why it needs your support and why I Can should be in every town in the country. I hope this film leaves you inspired.

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