Environmental activism

Colleen stepped into the environmental activism space in 2017 on discovering cotton buds littering a local beach. She started the Better Buds Campaign, a successful campaign in reducing cotton bud marine pollution. Between 2017-2019, she led an effective community crusade to clean-up a spill of millions of Nurdles along the coastline. She formed the Facebook page Good Will Nurdle Hunting in 2017 to educate the public about Nurdles and marine debris. Colleen leads the local Beach Patrol group and Pick Up Sticks group. Both groups participate in weekly beach litter clean-ups and contribute data to Beach Patrol Australia’s Litter Stopper database. She is a strong advocate for citizen science and stopping marine debris at source. She regularly presents marine education talks and activities to schools and community groups. She involves local businesses, organisations and government agencies in marine debris events and actions. Colleen is a frequent spokesperson on marine debris related issues in the media. Since 2017 she has appeared in 67 radio, TV and newspaper articles including National ABC News, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald and regional news and newspapers. She has a strong interest in community action, behavioural change and looking after our ocean.

Environmental Activism Acknowledgements:

Profiles in the Media

Social media content creation & management

Colleen runs several Facebook pages & groups

School and Community Talks

  • Colleen has run 64 marine debris education sessions with 23 school groups inc. beach cleanups, sorting/counting & uploading data, campaigning & marine debris art (2017-2021)
  • Presentation at Coastcare Victoria Volunteer Forum (2022)
  • Marine Debris presentation at DELWP Online Biodiversity Forum (2021)
  • Marine Debris presentation at Deakin Uni DELWP Biodiversity Forum (2019)
  • Marine Debris presentation at Ramsar Celebration/speaker forum (2019)
  • Marine Debris Talk at Warrnambool Library (2021)