First Ladies Productions is a video production business based in Warrnambool that services south west Victoria. We partner with organisations, businesses, individuals and government agencies to create powerful social impact video stories.

From concept development and script writing through to filming, editing, and online publishing, we can assist you in every step of the production process. We can engage a team of film professionals — narrators, sound designers, graphic artists, animators and onscreen talent — in order to get outstanding results for your project. Please call or email us for a free no obligation quote. 1300 724 33


Video Director and Producer

First Ladies Productions is run by freelance video producer Colleen Hughson (pronouns she/her). She writes, produces, directs, films, edits and publishes quality video stories.

“I’ve held a life-long passion for visual storytelling. What drives my craft is the power of film to create social change. I am drawn to stories that have a positive impact on my community and the environment; stories that inspire change, stories that break down stereotypes, stories that give a voice to the under-represented and stories that celebrate life.”

Colleen has produced over 500 films, including 50 videos for state government. Her films have screened nationally and internationally in film festivals and broadcast on national and international television.

Clients include DELWP, Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development, Victorian State Department of Transport, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Corangamite CMA, Coastcare Victoria, Deakin University and the Victorian State Department of Education.

In her video producer role, she has worked extensively with scientists in the fields of marine biology, zoology, botany, agricultural and biodiversity and has delivered complex messages, jargon and ideas in clear, simple and engaging ways to the public.

Colleen has experience working in traditional media, small business, the arts and education. She has worked as an ABC Multiplatform Producer, coordinator of the Bayside Film Festival Youth Documentary Project, Digital Storytelling Teacher, Media Teacher, Artists in Schools funding recipient, arts project officer and event organiser. She has years of experience in film education and community development project work.

Colleen’s CV is quite extensive. Click on the following links if you want to delve in.

Please call or email us for a free no obligation quote.

Why ‘First Ladies’?

The name First Ladies came about when Colleen was living and working in Melbourne (2005). At the time, she was making films with women and about women.

Films such as:

  • Chicks with Decks: a women in skateboarding documentary
  • AKA: Girl Skater: Features the world’s most talented female skateboarders
  • All The Ladies: a women in Hip Hop Documentary

The ocean, a side-hustle

Over the past few years Colleen has developed an active interest in ocean conservation, particularly in relation to ocean plastics. She has used her video production and social media skills to drive change. Colleen is campaign coordinator for Better Buds (eradicating cotton bud marine pollution), as well as holding a leadership role in the local Beach Patrol group.