Birthday party
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Party fun for everyone!

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday, or even your own? If you love music and dancing, then get a group of friends together and be superstars for the day!

Everyone had a ball creating our first dance video, which was for a friend’s daughter and a group of her friends. They all loved the finished video. After the party, all of their parents wanted to know if we could produce a dance party video for their children’s birthdays too.

How does it work?

Pre- Party:

  • The party members choose a song that they are familiar with.
  • The party members plan what they are going to do and even might consider putting a dance routine together.
  • The party members put together costumers, hair and make-up (or for a bit extra $ this can be arranged)
  • The filmmaker discusses locations, times, date with the party members.

The party day:

  • The filmmaker will turn up with professional film gear and spend up to 4 hours filming your dance clip.


  • The filmmaker will then edit your dance clip and will deliver it on USB within the week.


Cost ranges from $600-$800 depending on complexity of the dance clip.

Shake it Off (Parody)

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