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Tell prospective customers all about your business with a well-crafted video! There’s a multitude of ways to show customers what your business has to offer, while informing them about the products and services you provide.

Reach a wider audience, faster

Word of mouth is a very effective way of reaching new customers, but is something that happens gradually over time. With a video showcasing your business, you can raise awareness in the community and communicate directly with existing and prospective clients, in a much faster way.

Business Stories can also be used along with a number of other videos as part of a marketing campaign. They work even better when combined with other kinds of video, like:

And each video can be shared through your website, social media, or even email — as well as TV if that’s where your customers can be found. We have options for every budget, and can tell your story in a succinct and compelling way.


Case Study: Tru-Blu Dog Wash

In 2014, I was engaged by Tru-Blu Dog Wash to create a promotional video about their most successful coin operated dog-wash ‘The K9000’. This video is to be used at overseas Pet Trade Shows and on their Tru-Blu website, so that potential customers can be introduced to the business, the product and the story behind the business.

It was important to the Tru-Blu business owners that customers knew that the business was Australian made, owned and operated and that the idea for a coin operated dog-wash was developed in Hobart, Australia. It was also important that customers knew who they were dealing with and that were dealing with a business and brand that could be trusted.

This video was shown at the Interzoo Trade Show in Germany in June 2014. It was edited into a series of shorter videos to develop further content for the K9000 Dog Wash website and social media channels.

The business story of the K9000 Coin Operated Dogwash
By Colleen Hughson

Twin Machine from the K9000 Dog Wash
By Colleen Hughson

K9000 Video Competition Winner
By Colleen Hughson