Show viewers how a task or process is carried out, in as much detail as you need. Videos like these demonstrate each step in a clear and concise manner, to inform viewers or teach them how the process works.

Show viewers how it’s done!

A well-crafted instructional video helps to inform and up-skill viewers, with additional knowledge covering the specifics of a process. They can be used for training and education of customers, staff or students. Most instructional videos are structured in a similar way, but may have slightly different goals, such as:

  • Demonstration: Conveys how something is done by filming someone who is already able to do so.
  • Explanation: Describes a theory, concept, process or task with reasoning to help viewers understand.
  • Instruction, Tutorial or Training: Step-by-step guidance to help someone learn how to perform a task.

Case Study: How to use the Litter Stopper App

BeachPatrol (BP) and Love Our Streets (LOS) have developed the Litter Stopper phone application that supports groups and individuals to collect data about litter and share it accurately and effortlessly with other interested parties to influence policy makers and ultimately protect the environment we all live in. By providing a recording method, users will develop a better understanding of the litter situation, what needs to be done and why they should care. Anyone can use it, they just need an email address to receive their data sent back to them.

How to use the Litter Stopper App
Filmed and Edited by Colleen Hughson

Case Study: Creating a Fanzine

Artist Gareth Colliton shares his long-held passion for zines and comics. This ‘how-to’ video was created for the project ‘Whatdayaknow?’ while I was employed as an ABC Open Producer.

This video shows the step-by-step process of creating a fanzine. The same video format and structure can be used to explain and train people on how to do many procedures and activities.

Gareth takes us through the art of creating a ‘zine using the Intaglio printing method and a typewriter. For those of you new to the term ‘zine, a ‘zine is a type of magazine but without the gloss and glamour. ‘Zine is short for fanzine. ‘Zines are often hand-made, inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publications.

Whadyaknow? zines
from ABC Open South West Victoria.

Filmed and Edited by Colleen Hughson,
ABC Open Producer, South West Victoria.

Case Study: How to use a Dog Wash

Maddy, Poppi and Fez demonstrate how to use the K9000 Dog Wash.

This video was created for the K9000 Dog Wash to demonstrate to customers how to use the dog wash. The video has been watched and used widely and is embedded on the K9000 Dog Wash websites and social media channels.

The K9000® Dog Wash is a product inspired by a dream, built with passion and evolved through customer feedback.

For more information, please visit the K9000 website located at


K9000 Dog Wash Demonstration
from K9000 Dog Wash.