Right this way please…

Now you can take viewers on a guided tour of a home, building or location, and highlight areas of interest or help them become acquainted with the surroundings. In many cases virtual tours work well with narration from a ‘tour guide’, but we can also provide information on screen with titles, dot points and captions.

Case Study: Koroit and District Primary School

First Ladies worked with school captains to produce this promotional video tour of the school for 2023 Enrolments. This video was published on the school’s Facebook page.

The school captains share the school motto and it’s values, then explain how the teachers make learning engaging and fun, as well as the wide variety of subjects on offer. Key learning centres are shown throughout, giving parents and children a better idea of the opportunities the school provides to students.


Koroit and District P.S Virtual Tour (2022)
for Koroit and District Primary School

Case Study: Rockpool Ramble

Due to the Covid pandemic, Coastcare Victoria moved their ‘Summer by the Sea’ program online for 2020/21. Marg O’Toole, a marine naturalist and educator from Habitat Connect takes viewers on a tour of rock pools at Bay of Islands Coastal Park.

Before the tour begins, Marg provides important tips to the viewer, including what to take with you, safety information including footwear and first aid items, as well as how to find
predicted tide times. The rest of the tour includes all kinds of aquatic life with information about each of Marg’s discoveries.

Intertidal Treasures with Marg O’Tool
for Habitat Connect and Coastcare Victoria